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Fic: Once and Only - 4/5

Title: Once and Only - 4/5
Author: Jade
Betas: bluejbird, angw, and Blackbirde138 (on Wraithbait.com)
Rating: R
Characters: John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Original Characters (Mom and a few others)
Summary: “Well, it’s done,” Rodney announced, leaning back against the door jam. John turned his frown from the laptop to Rodney. Any number of things could be done with that tone of voice. “What’s done?” For all John knew, Rodney had just finished setting in motion the acts that would cause the Earth to blow up around them in a matter of minutes.
Notes: And here is part four! A huge thank you goes to bluejbird and angw for their wonderful beta-ing of this part of the story. They did it so quickly too! And another thank you goes to my newest beta Blackbirdie136 who has taken up the task of typo fixing and comma correcting (I am queen of the comma splice and the over used comma). Any remaining mistakes are my own because those three did wonderful jobs. And I'm going to stop rambling now - it's the nerves I tell you. Enjoy the story!
Pervious parts for Finding Emily:
Once and Only – 1/5 (pg13)
Once and Only – 2/5 (R)
Once and Only – 3/5 (pg13)
**Note: All links lead back to my LJ. This is seriously Crossposted. Sorry.**
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