SG Atlantis Light (sgatlantislight) wrote in shepwhore,
SG Atlantis Light

Newbie Guide: The Essential Sheppard Fics

As with my Carson Beckett, Ronon Dex, Teyla Emmagan, Aiden Ford, and Rodney McKay newbie guide posts, I'm trying to gather what people would consider the essential fics that aren't, as in most guides, exclusively McKay/Sheppard or Sheppard/Weir. Thus, the next title character by alpha order is John Sheppard!

So, if you were writing an SGA newbie guide, what would you say are the essential John gen and John/someone fics out there other than McKay/Sheppard and Sheppard/Weir (They'll get their own entries later), be that someone Beckett or Zelenka or Weir or Ford or, well, you get the idea? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go here and rec the essential fics featuring John, give a brief answer as to why, give us a link if you can, and give any caveats (you know, kinks not everyone shares, other pairings in the fic, those sorts of things). Please don't post your recs here. Thanks.
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