Fandom didn't make you a bitch (you were born one) (all_my_fandoms) wrote in shepwhore,
Fandom didn't make you a bitch (you were born one)


Title: Shrimp Planet
By: all_my_fandoms
Ranting/Warnings: NC-17, KINK and a lot of it? Gangbang, fisting, D/S...
Pairing: McShep in general but John/everyone for the NC-17 stuff
Summary: Lorne goes on a mission and returns with some some special powers that make everyone in the city lose it a little bit, in the best way.
Author's Note: Um wow this is CRACK ok? This was inspired by several stories by several different authors, though I hope I managed to make this truly my own crack crack CRACK PWP, haha.

John had no idea how Rodney managed to pull this off.
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